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Frozen Ashoka Amritsari Kulcha (4pcs) 320gm - Only Berlin Delivery

von Ashoka
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Ursprünglicher Preis €3,99
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Product Description:
Embark on a culinary journey to the vibrant streets of Amritsar with Ashoka Frozen Amritsari Kulcha, a frozen delight that brings the essence of this iconic Punjabi dish to your doorstep. Each pack contains 4 pieces of kulchas, featuring a fluffy bread stuffed with a delectable mixture of potatoes, spices, and herbs. Transport your taste buds with a harmonious blend of textures and flavors, perfect for a convenient and flavorful meal at home.

- Product: Ashoka Frozen Amritsari Kulcha
- Quantity: 320g (4 pieces)
- Ingredients: Kulcha bread (flour, yeast), potato stuffing (potatoes, spices, herbs)
- Cooking Method: Heat on a tawa (griddle) or in an oven until warm and slightly crispy
- Packaging: Frozen for freshness

How to Cook:
1. Remove the desired number of kulchas from the pack.
2. Heat a tawa (griddle) or preheat your oven.
3. Place the kulcha onto the heated surface.
4. Cook for a few minutes, flipping occasionally, until warm and slightly crispy.
5. Serve hot with chole (chickpea curry) or your favorite side dishes.
6. Enjoy the authentic taste of Ashoka Frozen Amritsari Kulcha, exclusively available for Berlin delivery.

Transport your taste buds to the culinary streets of Amritsar with Ashoka Frozen Amritsari Kulcha. Convenient and flavorful, these kulchas offer a taste of Punjab's rich culinary heritage, ready to be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home.

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